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Metal Animal Essential Oil Diffuser

Metal Animal Essential Oil Diffuser

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Aromatherapy is a kind of fashion, a kind of culture, and a spiritual support method for people who pursue high-quality life.

The aromatherapy machine ignites the water molecules and the dissolved plant essential oils into a nanometer-scale cold mist with a diameter of 0.1-5 micrometers and emits them in the surrounding air through the high-frequency oscillation generated by the ultrasonic vibration device. The ultrasonic vibration power of the ordinary humidifier is insufficient. Aromatherapy essential oils cannot be broken down and released. Aromatherapy essential oils can be effectively dispersed into the air, allowing us to bathe in the aromatic air and produce a certain amount of natural negative oxygen ions to purify the air.


Most aromatherapy machines are made of PP material. The atomizer chips of the aromatherapy machine are specially developed for essential oils. They are resistant to oil, water and chemical corrosion. Ordinary humidifiers use ABS or AS plastic materials as water tanks, which are resistant to essential oil corrosion. Long-term use will cause the tank to corrode and cause cracking.


The water tank of the aromatherapy machine is specially treated and easy to clean. The ordinary humidifier is relatively easy to produce dirt, and the cleaning solution is difficult to clean.



  • Metal oil diffuser

This essential oil diffuser humidifier is made from metal material and high quality plastic, more durable than other cheap plastic and fake wood diffusers, ensuring long term use. Water tank capacity is 100 mL

  • Manually painted

With bronze color makes it antique and vintage-looking. Lemon design makes it unique and catch your eyeball.

  • 7color changing light

This aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils comes with 7 color changing led lights, each of them can be fixed or changed from brightness to darkness, enabling 14 color options to create a calm and soft atmosphere while working, reading, studying or sleeping. Light and mist function can be used separately at your convenience.

  • Humidification and purification of air

Use an aromatherapy diffuser to improve air quality and work like an ionizer by transmitting negative ions to the air to resist harmful positive ions. Softens and moisturizes dry and chapped skin in winter. The scent of essential oils during long hours of work or study makes you very relaxed and comfortable.

  • No BPA and no water automatically shuts down

Ultrasonic diffuser is made from BPA-free, eco-friendly PP materials. humidifier will auto off when it is waterless, adds to safety and energy efficiency. Ultrasonic diffuser is safe enough even if you give it to elderly people, don't need worry that they forget to turn it off.


  • Light button

 1 st press:turn on led lingt,7colors change automatically

2 st press: light fixed to one color,continuous pressing to change color manually

Long press:turn off the light.


  • Approved by ETL, FCC, CE, ROHS

  • Mist button

1 st press:continuous mist mode

2 st press:intermittent mist mode

3st press:turn off the mist


All the Materials in our products are Nature friendly

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Care Instructions

Never turn on the power source when the water tank is empty, this can damage the ultrasonic plate and can cause bad issues like dysfunction

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